A New Notes System

I used to use Evernote for my information hoarding but got frustrated with its simpleness and moved on. I have tried many notes apps but am most invested in Notion and Roam Research at the moment.

However, neither do what I need and instead of recording information these days (thus purging it from my working memory) I have ended up not recording as much and having a disparate mess of notes that serve to confuse more than provide clarity.

This page will be a living document that I will update with my progress in finding the ultimate tool.


  • A place I can dump stuff without having to think too much about structure
  • Offline accessible or at least super quick
  • Useful for organising info dumps to build structure and synthesis.
  • Manage todos
  • Compatible with all media types so I am not saving things in random places
  • Able to input from all devices and apps
  • Excellent search functionality
  • A tool that supplements and promotes a process that helps me get things done


Process - Problem --> Goal --> Ideas --> Plan --> Execution Checkpoints

Note taking, knowledge collation, inputs, ordering, synthesizing and writing all key

Need a daily routine to complement it