Living Documents

I find that I get the urge to record certain observations and that these observations fall into certain distinct categories. Throughout my life (although less so recently) I have documented or noted down these observations and ended up with living documents that I constantly append to. I have decided to make them public despite the warts and innocence they contain. I started my Investing Heuristics note many years ago before I even started a career in finance. Much of what is in there is embarrassing to read with the lens of hindsight and experience. However, the act of writing out these ideas and observations was enjoyable and I believed helped reconcile my curiosity so I am going to publish such notes and keep adding to them in public.

I will also extend this theme of living documents to create pseudo-feeds of topics I am interested in. I will do this both to record thoughts and observations as well as to record how my thinking has involved over time. You can check back to see the latest updates and I will not delete past posts for posterity.

Here is a list of the current living documents:

  • Investing Heuristics
  • Life Principles
  • Useful sources of information
  • Photo diary
  • Mango
  • Project Ideas
  • My asset allocation
  • My reading