Hi, I'm Henry

I am a software engineer and ex-investment consultant. I am currently building web applications at Maze.

A List of Remote Job Sites for Programmers

I recently went through the job search process, aiming to land a job at a remote first company. Here is a list of sites I found useful, and at the end one site that you should definitely not use. Bes...
5 months ago

Deliberate Learning for 2021

One of my goals for 2021 [/goals-2021/] is to dramatically improve myself as a programmer. Alongside my day job at Maze, I also want to learn deliberately, focusing on certain areas where I want to de...
6 months ago

A New Notes System

I used to use Evernote for my information hoarding but got frustrated with its simpleness and moved on. I have tried many notes apps but am most invested in Notion and Roam Research at the moment. H...
6 months ago

Living Documents

I find that I get the urge to record certain observations and that these observations fall into certain distinct categories. Throughout my life (although less so recently) I have documented or noted d...
6 months ago

Things I learnt in 2020

Here are some things I learnt in 2020: I am less emotionally vacant than I thought I was: Dad being ill really shook me, particularly when he went in for his second open heart surgery. Potentially lo...
6 months ago

Projects for 2021

As part of my goals for 2021, I want to complete 12 projects (one a month) putting the end result live. The idea is to learn through doing, build an audience and maybe make so money. That said, the pr...
6 months ago

My Goals for 2021

I have spent some time reflecting on 2020. Whilst it was a year tainted by global events, it was a great year for me personally. Here are some photos from the year [https://twitter.com/HAJBlack/stat...
6 months ago

How To Set Up Transactional Emails in Ghost

Or: How to stop your newsletter sign up emails going to spam...
8 months ago

Knee-deep in Javascript

What exactly is happening when you run a piece of code in Javascript?
1 year ago

Why Should You Invest For The Long Term?

It is often said that investors should invest for the long-term. But why? This post aims to look at how investors would have fared investing over differing periods. I will show you why investing for l...
1 year ago

Life on the Border

I recently returned to Cúcuta, the humid border town that is the first stop for many Venezuelans fleeing the humanitarian crisis unfolding back home. This post looks at how the situation compares to m...
1 year ago